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Eidyia is a boutique design consultancy. We simplify problems and define digital experiences.


We love projects that connect people with knowledge and make tools easier to use.
Information Design

Holistic experiences are key.

A design strategy should encompass all of the elements that influence a person’s interactions with a system or device. As technology becomes pervasive, these interactions occur at home, at work, and on the go. The experience your customer has with your brand online includes the perceptions and feelings derived from the use of your product at every touchpoint.

Answer every question.

We design websites that are simple to use and elegant to work with. Our practical solutions benefit small businesses looking for a digital presence, informational sites with lots of content, and retailers ready for an ecommerce presence. A great website is nothing without visitors. We analyze your company goals and create plans that incorporate your marketing strategies.

Information Architecture

See the entire picture.

Working with companies both large and small, we’ve used a variety of technologies and platforms. We’re experts at working with and implementing both open source and proprietary systems. We work with clients throughout the implementation process, defining feature requirements, specifying functionalities, and integrating different platforms and systems.

Understand what motivates people.

We'll work with you to design interfaces, applications, and campaigns that are simple, straightforward, and delightful to use. We break down complex tasks and create interfaces that are intuitive to use and easy to understand.

Design on purpose

Creative problem solving at work
Eidyia is a digital experience consultancy.

Eidyia blends art, science, and technology to create usable designs and intuitive experiences. We specialize in turning complex tasks into intuitive user-friendly interfaces.

By combining aesthetics with analytics, we believe that a compelling and functional experience can be designed.

Eidyia is a San Francisco based design consultancy led by Erin Jo Richey. In addition to serving as the principal strategist, Erin oversees all projects and works one-on-one with clients to develop successful designs.

The name? We like to pronounce it "AYE - dee - uh."

(Forget linguistics. One of the perks of running your own company is that you get to pronounce the name however you like.)

Clients & Projects

Our offerings are tailored to meet individual clients' needs. We utilize best practices from user experience and digital marketing to develop strategies for your business that are smart, actionable, and unique to your company.

Do you have a creative project in mind or a complex task to simplify? Contact Eidyia, and let us help you work out a solution.

We work with established Fortune 500 companies and young startups. Our clients come from a number of industries and fields, including education, ecommerce, finance, medical, technical, pharmaceutical, and research science.

You may know a few of these notable past clients and projects.





Life Technologies

Oregon Health Sciences University

Knowledge Universe

American Association of Colleges & Universities

FirstTech Federal Credit Union

Conferences? Meetups? You bet!
Past Speaking Engagements

Dare Conference - London, UK, 2013

Personal Democracy Forum - New York, NY, 2012

IA Summit 2012 - New Orleans, LA, 2012

PDX Digital Marketing Conference - Portland, OR, 2011

Webvisions - Portland, OR, 2011

Midwest UX 2011 - Columbus, OH, 2011

Nuts & Bold Ideas, Portland State University Seminar - Portland, OR, 2011

STLUX - St Louis, MO, 2011

Ignite Portland 9 - Portland, OR, 2010

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Fictional User Interface Meetup - San Francisco, CA, January 2014

Fictional User Interface Meetup - San Francisco, CA, February 2014

Thursday Office Hours - February 20, 2014

Thursday Office Hours - February 27, 2014

Fictional User Interface Meetup - San Francisco, CA, March 2014

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Design to meld disciplines


Eidyia offers a full range of strategic user experience services, tailored to your product or problem.
User experience strategy
0Information Architecture

No matter what form your information takes, we'll provide the necessary structural design to intuitively lead your customer through your site. Utilizing content inventories, card sorting, and user feedback, Eidyia will help you define a logical architecture for your product. We'll work with you to create a taxonomy for your information and sitemaps to organize your content.

7Interaction Design

We believe a good interaction is made great by crafting a holistic experience. We're not just designing a site. We're thinking about the environments and contexts that your users work in. We break down complex problems into approachable questions and simple workflows. Our work is inspired by your business objectives and by our understanding of human needs and behaviors.

1User Research & Usability Testing

Through usability testing and research, Eidyia helps you learn how well your users and your product work together. We shed light on what happens when customers meet your new design. We advocate testing both before and after a redesign takes place. Eidyia will help you set a research plan, run usability testing, and analyze and interpret data.

nMeasurement & Analysis

Marketing is measurable, and design choices can be quantified. With an analytics-driven methodology, Eidyia helps you test, measure, and optimize your campaigns. We establish benchmarks and select the best means for measurement and testing. We're serious about data-informed design, and we like to incorporate analytics and optimization into all of our work.

Design to build connections


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